Unified voice for Satellite Communication
Industry in India

Provide a platform for thought leadership for the industry on new policy, regulatory issues and spectrum matters pertaining to the space and satellite industry.

Help and support the creation of a conducive Business and Regulatory environment that maximizes the long-term benefit to the satellite industry at large and end-users in India.

Represent the interest of our members at the highest levels of Government in policy making and dealing with regulatory issues.

About SIA-India

SIA-India is a non-profit association created to represent the interests of the communication satellite ecosystem in India. As a vibrant body, SIA-India represents satellite operators, satellite systems, launch vehicles and ground and terminal equipment manufacturers as well as application solutions providers to the Government, Regulators, Policymakers, and domestic and international standards bodies. As the apex representative body for the satellite communications ecosystem, we aim to present the industry's interest to the highest Government levels for policy-making and regulatory and licensing matters.

Our vision is to create an unified voice for the Communication Satellite industry in India.

Who Should Join

= Public and Private organization offering Satellite or ancillary services
= Associations/Corporations involved in Satellite Service
= Satellite Design, Manufacturing & Engineering
= Satellite Component Manufacturing
= Launch Service Providers
= Satellite Risk Management Companies
= Satellite Consulting Organizations
= Telecom Carriers
= Broadcasters
= Satellite solutions/applications developers

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Executive Board

Advisory Board


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To become a member of SIA-India contact us at admin@sia-india.com.