SIA-India’s Special Interest Groups

Satcom Regulatory, Spectrum and Standardization with national & international perspective

Scope: Regulatory and policy intervention in the country vis-à-vis international best practices. Engage with ITU, WPC and standardization bodies.

Defence Aerospace Business Outreach.

Space related research collaboration.

Space Policy best practices

Scope: Space Policy framework and benchmarking best practices.

Space Research Collaboration Initiatives

Scope: To facilitate collaboration between academia, Research Institutions, Industry & Government both India and abroad

Space start-ups

Scope: Engagement with local and global companies for GTM strategies. Facilitating B2B dialogues for partnership engagements. Creating an investment friendly climate between
governments, investors and industry. Creating a portal for facility sharing facilitating access to innovation and international markets.

International collaboration and partnerships

Scope: Outreach program towards international partnership and development.

Space industry infrastructure

Scope: Create an ecosystem for all stakeholders in the space sector for design development, manufacturing, industrial collaboration and role of space parks, large enterprises and ancillary industries.

Emerging application technologies and opportunities

Scope: Address issues to the downstream activities of the space sector.

Sub-committees for focused discussion

Satellite Video broadcast and OTT

Scope: Address issues for the satellite use in broadcasting and deals with various facets of the Video Industry.

Satellite communications

Scope: Address issues on sitcom applications in data, IOT and Telecom cellular backhaul etc.

Earth observation

Scope: Address EO application and related issues.

Cloud and AI in Space

Scope: AI and Cloud services using satellite.

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