Refund and Cancellation Policy

For online payment we used the service of CCAvenue (, which means all the transactions are handled by them.

We take payment for conference related registration fee, membership fee and/or sponsorship fee. All payment made to our organization is non-refundable. But, in case of conference changes in nomination will be accepted.

To achieve the objectives. SIA-India is engaged in the following activities.

  1. To be the voice of India’s space industry. (Satellite operators, satellite users, manufacturers, start-ups, academia, and institutions etc.)
  2. To provide leadership on Policy, Regulatory, Standards and Spectrum issues of interest to the space and satellite industry.
  3. To collaborate with Government bodies (DOS, DOT, MIB, MeitY, DIPIT, TRAI and other concerned Ministries, etc.) and industries/institutions.
  4. To provide an effective bridge between decision makers and other stake holders (like satellite operators, manufacturers, users, start-ups, institutions etc.)
  5. To promote and harness innovation hub to support young talents on new generation technologies and engineering.
  6. To promote Satellite uses in Rural, Remote, Hilly, Ice-Lands for Education, Health, Agriculture, Business etc.
  7. To facilitate Satellite Usages in National or International Disaster Situation whether man made, natural or otherwise including pandemic, global or world-wide preparedness and response plans into existing national emergency preparedness and response programmes.
  8. To sign, execute or undertake any venture/collaboration or enter into partnership with any International organisation being Associations, Institutions, Universities, government-bodies, semi-government authorities operating or formed in India or outside India for any purpose mentioned herein or to act as consultants or policy makers for such bodies/associations/Institutions.
  9. To collaborate with any statutory authority whether public body or private body and to undertake infrastructural development activities or to bid in any tender whether for the purpose of activities arising out of or in connection with developmental activities.
  10. To conduct, undertake the conduct of and participate in national and international exhibition/conference/round tables/ Discussion/Meeting/ Open House Interactive Sessions/panel Discussions or otherwise.
  11. To conduct/assign for research and studies on topics relates to the SATCOM technologies, products, applications and services etc.
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