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Agnikul is a derivative of the Sanskrit word - “Gurukul” and it could be interpreted to mean “a place where people learn to use fire”. We are a group of enthusiasts, rocket scientists, engineers, programmers, lawyers, and more - all of us just love enabling space accessible to everyone!

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Ananth Technologies Ltd. (ATL)

Ananth was incorporated in 1992 to support the growth of the Indian economy through leveraging aerospace technologies. Our twin offerings include the manufacture of critical aerospace systems and high-value geospatial services. These products and services have been both internationally certified (AS 9100C & ISO 9001:2008) and recognized by our clients.

Ananth is a strong and reliable partner in both the local and global aerospace supply chains. Our systems have been integral in about 50 launch vehicles and close to 100 space crafts. In addition, Ananth’s Geospatial services enable activities across the spectrum from town planning to infrastructure building. Expertise, Quality, and Focus are the guiding principles at Ananth.

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Anantlaw is built to operate as one – a single entity that embodies a strong set of values, deep commitment to diversity, making impact through work, and the way we offer our services.

Our client’s needs are ever – changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to deliver results. We instill a culture that is built on honesty, accountability, and efficiency. Our work is founded on thorough understanding of every client’s context, with deep emphasis on proficiency, skill, and practical wisdom which is respectful of ideals and ideology in legal ethics.

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AP Partners

AP & Partners was founded with a simple and compelling vision: A team of highly experienced lawyers focused on the most significant opportunities and challenges facing our clients.

We are chosen by clients because of our experience, depth of knowledge and ability to manage difficult situations. We aim to deliver exceptional value to our clients by providing clear and actionable advice.

We are defined by our approach. We like to work on matters that require the personal attention of our partners. To that end, our associates-to-partner ratio is low. Every mandate that we accept involves at least two of our partners so that our clients benefit from debate and discussion within the team. As to costs, we prefer value billing, and our fee structures aim to maximize value for our clients.

We are singularly focused on providing our clients with the best possible service and advice. Our distinctive structure allows us to draw on the strengths of the entire firm for any given matter, and consequently offer a broader perspective.

Our structured approach and experience enable us to get results for our clients on their most critical matters.

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AsiaSat offers reliable satellite connectivity, media and data solutions to customers in the broadcast and telecom sectors through its core fleet of five in-orbit satellites – AsiaSat 5, AsiaSat 6, AsiaSat 7, AsiaSat 8 and AsiaSat 9, and teleport infrastructure. From traditional content distribution to headends, telcos, DTH, DTT platforms; Occasional Use; to One Click Go Live streaming service; IP-based, hybrid OTT service; hosting services, cutting edge VSAT solutions serving aviation, maritime, mobile backhaul, AsiaSat helps bridge the digital divide, aiming to be the foremost satellite solutions provider and an instinctive partner of choice in the Asia-Pacific.

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Astranis improves access to internet connectivity by making smaller and more powerful satellites at a fraction of the cost.

This approach allows us to build our satellites in 12-18 months, about five times faster than our competitors.

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Astroborne Space and Defence Technologies

stroborne Space and Defence Technologies is a company that develops next-generation crew modules and spacesuits. We founded this company to make human spaceflight more affordable and to advance scientific knowledge in this sector. We are now working on constructing APAC's first private commercial astronaut training facility and isolation hub.

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Astrogate Labs 

Astrogate Labs is a space-technology startup based in Bengaluru, building core technologies in laser communication terminals and networks for small-satellites. Astrogate Labs aims to simplify, reduce cost of communication, and enable satellites send more data to ground.

The startup has developed one of the industry’s smallest optical communication terminals targeted for nano/ small-satellite use-cases. The current product portfolio comprises of space-to-ground laser communication terminals with space-to-space terminals in development. The start-up has long term plans to support the growing satellite bandwidth need with a network of optical ground stations and in-space relays using the technologies & products developed in-house.

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Augsenselab Pvt Ltd

Augsenselab pvt ltd is a research based startup founded  in 2019 with passion to augment human spirit of exploration by improving the sensing capabilities of sensors computationally. 

Currently, Augsenselab is developing an Atmospheric sensing solution, which we believe will disrupt and revolutionize Weather sensing and forecasting  with real time remote sensing of atmosphere for Aviation.

Key words: Inverse Problems, Software Defined Radios/Radars, Aviation Meteorology, Microwave Remote Sensing, GNSS-Tomography

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Avantel Limited

Avantel Limited is a technology driven ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D & ISO 27001:2013 certified company with a legacy of close to Three decades in the strategic sector. The company is well known for its capabilities in Design, Development, Manufacturing, Installation & Commissioning, System Integration, Testing & Evaluation of Defence Electronics, Satellite Communication Systems, Telecom Systems and Development of Embedded, Network Management & Application Software. Avantel core competencies include RF System Design, Wireless & Satellite Communication Systems, Embedded

Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Network Management & Software Development and Engineering Services.

Avantel has designed and developed various first of its kind, customized wireless/Satcom products and solutions to meet the special requirements of Indian Defense Services and allied establishments. At Avantel, we connect ideas, create value and conserve resources through innovation in integration of new ideas and technologies across varied domains. The guiding principle for Avantel is “Nation First”.

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Bharucha & Partners

Founded in 2008 on immutable principles of professional ethics and excellence, Bharucha & Partners is a full-service law firm, with offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru in India.

We are a Firm of practitioners, with 15 Partners and over 80 lawyers offering a blend of rich experience, creativity, and the energy of youth. Each of the partners has a proven track record of handling complex commercial transactions or disputes while each associate has a passion for the law and a love for learning. Each associate is individually groomed to share the vision and mission of the partners and the Firm. The hallmarks which each of our lawyers share are Commitment to the Profession, Communication and Transparency, and,Conviction and Integrity in our dealings with each other, our clients, counterparts in the profession and, also, and no less importantly, with ourselves.

The Firm caters to a diverse clientele including Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, public sector undertakings, banking and financial institutions, government and state authorities, and various not-for-profits. Our clients consistently praise the ‘work ethic’ of the Firm, the ‘timeliness’ of our lawyers, and the ‘hard-working’ team of lawyers that serve ‘the best interests of the clients’.

The Firm has been consistently recognised on various platforms like Chambers and Partners, Euromoney, Legal 500, Who's Who Legal, IFLR1000, asialaw, and India Business Law Journal, to name a few.

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CI Metrics is an R & D Lab committed to solving for the challenges within both Strategic and Sustainability sectors of Space, Climate and Defense.

India’s first private R&D Lab startup, and world’s first for these sectors - CI aims to build IP solving technical bottlenecks of the industry and helping startups build their Space and Defense tech stacks faster. 

Started by ex-ISRO scientists and supported by ML engineers from IIT, CI Metrics is involved in building cutting edge tech for upstream satellite image processing, satcom demand dissection, agri yield forecasting, carbon footprint mapping, and bespoke solutioning for Defense and Govt agencies amongst many other R&D subjects.

CI is dedicated to solving unsolved problems and in an industry first, will be able to transfer IP for organisations building in stealth.

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COMSAT Systems Pvt. Ltd

Comsat Systems Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1982.Manufacturer of Earth station antennas, VSAT antennas, Mobile antennas, Transportable antennas, Azimuth-Elevation mounts, Antenna control systems. The promoter and the senior management professionals are EX- employees of ISRO/ECIL with extensive experience in the satellite communications antennas systems for more than four decades. The company supplied innumerable antenna systems spanning the whole county – Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Andaman to Lakshadweep Islands, Northeastern region.

We supply a wide range of large earth stations from 13.5M to 3.8M antennas. With the antenna
feed types like Cassegrain / Gregorian feeds in L/ S/ C/ Ext C/ Ku, Ka bands. Prime focus, Off-set, linear and circular polarization. Mobile antennas for SNG (Satellite News Gathering) /OB (Outside
Broadcasting) vans - with auto deployable antennas, 2.4 M, 1.8 M, 1.2 M.

The company is one of the leading companies in satellite communication in India. As we
manufacture different types of antennas, with various options as per the customer requirements. We have an R&D lab for the feed system. Recent addition in R&D is the development of X-Y Mount
antenna for LEO/MEO Satellites. The company also undertakes the civil foundations, installations, and AMC (Annual maintenance contracts) for the antenna systems supplied by COMSAT. This is a unique feature, which other companies do not offer.

We are into manufacturing antennas to other countries like the USA & European countries. Earlier
we have supplied antennas to nearby SAARC nations. We can proudly say that Comsat Systems is
widely known as the “Antenna Company” in India.
Comsat system’s expertise in the manufacture of the Earth station antennas and Telemetry and
Tracking antennas has a proven record, as the company supplied a good quantity of antennas for
Defense applications and Research applications for the ISRO.

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Cosmicport, headquartered in Thoothukudi, is an innovative space technology startup specializing in small satellite launch vehicles and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) based small satellites. Our primary focus is on serving the burgeoning small satellite market with cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, we leverage the second spaceport in Kulasekherapatnam, further enhancing our launch capabilities.

Committed to global collaboration, Cosmicport maintains a significant presence in the United States, fostering cross-country partnerships and collaborations. Join us on the forefront of space exploration as we pave the way for accessible and impactful satellite technologies, transcending geographical boundaries.

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CPI Satcom & Antenna Technologies Division is a leading end-to-end provider of ground-based satellite communications products; auto-tracking data link antennas for land, sea and air; high precision scientific and satellite terminals; and services.

Dhruva Space

Dhruva Space is a National Award-winning Space Technology startup focused on building full-stack space engineering solutions. The company is based out of Hyderabad, India, and Graz, Austria. We have been actively involved in building application-agnostic satellite platforms. Our vision is to offer satellites coupled with Earth stations and launch services as an integrated solution or individually as a technology solution to power space-based applications on Earth & beyond. The founding team comprises of business & technology leaders who formerly were working with Exseed Space, amg AG, Cisco & KPMG 

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DSK Legal

DSK Legal was set up in 2001 and has since established an excellent reputation for its integrity and value based proactive, pragmatic and innovative legal advice and its ability to help clients effectively traverse the legal and regulatory regime in India. With offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad, DSK Legal has grown rapidly on the strength of its expertise to a multi-disciplinary team with over 250 lawyers, including 56 partners. We are modern and inclusive in our outlook, and have a solution-oriented approach.

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Elena Geo Tech

Elena Geo Tech is engaged in the business of research, development, manufacturing, and
sale of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS), also called as Navigation
with Indian Constellation (NavIC), compliant electronic components such as NavIC modules,
processors, and devices for various applications such as vehicle tracking systems, personal
monitoring systems, aviation and maritime tracking systems, and consultancy in the field of
the said and related fields.

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EtherealX is a startup founded in 2022 to significantly reduce the cost of space transportation, enable quick scientific growth, and foster a spacefaring civilization. Headquartered in Bangalore, we design, develop, and build next-generation launch vehicles and spacecraft.

We are currently building India's and APAC's first, and the world’s most powerful and frugal medium-lift reusable launch vehicle/rocket yet - the Razor Crest Mk-1. With this launch vehicle, we will be capable of sending 24.8 tonnes and 22.8 tonnes to LEO in expendable and reusable configurations respectively.
At a $2000/kilo launch cost, we are positioned at 77.4% lower launch cost than the global competitors, 72% lower than other Indian launch service providers, and 32% lower than the current world's most economical option in this category/class of rockets. By doing so, we are driving the commercial launch cost per kilo down by six times, bringing access to space to emerging space nations, and challenging and changing the heavily skewed launch demographics/market.

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GalaxEye Space

GalaxEye is a SpaceTech startup aiming to shape the future of Satellite Image Acquisition by providing the Most Meaningful Dataset from Space. Founded in 2020, the venture spun out of Team Avishkar Hyperloop, IIT Madras, and is now building an advanced constellation of Earth Observation Satellites. These satellites will be equipped with their unique "Drishti Sensor", thus enabling businesses and governments to make efficient and data-driven decisions based on insights from satellite imagery.

We are a NewSpace entity spun out of IIT Madras, Chennai, India, working on providing the most meaningful imagery dataset from Space. Enabled by an advanced constellation of Earth Observation Satellites, we operate on a Data-as-a-Service Model, helping businesses and governments make data-driven decisions based on insights from satellite imagery.

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Gilat Satellite Networks

Gilat Satellite Networks, headquartered in the innovation capital of the world, is a leading global provider of satellite-based broadband communications for over 35 years.

We create and deliver deep technology solutions for satellite, ground and new space connectivity and provide comprehensive end-to-end solutions and services, all powered by our innovative technology. We believe in the right of all people to be connected and are united in our resolution to provide communication solutions to all reaches of the world.

Delivering high value solutions, our portfolio is comprised of 3 main categories: a cloud-based platform and high-performance satellite terminals designed to work in harmony with satellite constellations, including Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) and Software-Defined Satellites (SDS) in multiple orbits; high performance Satellite On-the-Move (SOTM) antennas; and highly efficient, high-power Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) and Block Upconverters (BUC).

Gilat’s comprehensive solutions support multiple applications with a full portfolio of products to address key applications including broadband access, mobility, cellular backhaul, military, government, and enterprise, all while meeting the most stringent service level requirements. Addressing the needs of both fixed and mobility applications on land, sea and air, Gilat’s products and solutions are in use in more than 100 countries worldwide.

We offer completely integrated solutions, which include satellite capacity, managed services, remote network operation, call center support, and field operations. Working in close partnership with leading satellite operators, major service providers and tier-1 MNOs, Gilat has extensive expertise in providing a range of end-to-end turnkey solutions to best meet our customers’ business needs.

Our offering combines our unmatched technical know-how and field experience to help our customers deploy and operate their network infrastructure while reducing total cost of ownership and lowering risk.

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Hughes Communications India (HCI)

Hughes Communications India (HCI) is a Joint Venture of Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the leading global provider of broadband satellite networks and services, and Bharti Airtel Limited, India’s premier communications solutions provider. HCI has a combined base of over 200,000 VSATs. With unmatched reach and scale, the company is the largest satellite service operator in India, well positioned amid the changing regulatory environment to serve the emerging connectivity requirements of business and government customers with an enhanced product portfolio and operational efficiencies. HCI provides broadband networking technologies, solutions and services, including a full range of Managed Network Services, High Throughput Services (HTS) for government offices and enterprises across segments like banking, aeronautical and maritime mobility, small to medium sized businesses, education, and telecom backhaul, retail, energy.

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Inmarsat is closely associated with India since its inception forty years ago. Inmarsat originated from an inter-governmental organization under the UN for providing satellite-based maritime communications, focused on the safety of crew and ships. India was a member of that organization and part of its transition into a corporate entity. There were a lot of exchange programs between Inmarsat and the Department of Space, and both the organizations share a common heritage. Inmarsat was the first international satellite organization that was privatized in 1999.

Inmarsat is having the world’s most advanced and resilient mobile connectivity infrastructure to ensure that satellite services are not only saving lives but also providing a connectivity lifeline in the most remote and challenging locations.

Inmarsat serves aviation, maritime, government, and enterprise markets with an unparalleled portfolio of services and solutions. Our customers range from airlines and shipping fleet operators to the military and aid agencies, and a host of commercial enterprises, from mining and logistics to agritech. They all share the need for highly reliable connectivity, no matter where they are.

Inmarsat, in collaboration with its national partner BSNL, has established a domestic L - Band Gatewayto providereliable Global Satellite Phone Services, set up of GMDSS (SATC) services and Ka-band Gateway infrastructure at BSNL premises (Ghaziabad) to provide high-speed broadband services using GX satellite constellations.

This collaboration enables BSNL to provide GSPS, FBB, SBB, GMDSS, and IFMC (GX)services to keyIndian government agencies including the Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy, Indian Army, the Central Reserve Police Force, the Border Security Force, and numerous disaster relief agenciesand citizens of India.

The provision of Inmarsat’s next-generation GX Aviation service and Fleet Xpress will be a game-changer for both Indian and foreign airlines operating in the region and for shipping companies operating in Indian waters.

In the largest ever transformation of Inmarsat’s market-leading services, ORCHESTRA will be a seamless configuration of our ELERA (L-band) and Global Xpress (Ka-band) networks with terrestrial 5G, targeted low earth orbit (LEO) capacity, and dynamic mesh technologies, to create a single advanced solution for global mobility.

This revolutionary layered approach is designed to meet the accelerating bandwidth requirements of more diverse, demanding, and ever more widely adopted applications in the commercial and government mobility markets. By drawing on the unique capabilities of each component, it will deliver high-performance connectivity everywhere, while eliminating the longstanding industry-wide challenge of congestion at high-demand hot spots, like busy ports, airports, sea canals, and flight corridors, for good.

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Inspecity - pronounced ɪn speɪs ˈsɪti - came to life in mid-2022 with a simple dream of building a city up there in space, so that we don't fight over resources here on dear earth. Inspirations were drawn from O'Neill cylinders. With the Indian space ecosystem being cash-strapped in the near future, we are devoted to developing enabling technologies for building cities. Autonomous robotic platforms are one such key piece of technology. Such platforms allow us to service satellites in all orbits, making us the greatest "Space Mechanics" out there. From here we envision building factories supporting a true in-space economy, and then, on to that city.

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As the foundational architects of satellite technology, Intelsat operates the world’s most trusted satellite telecom network. We apply our unparalleled expertise and global scale to connect people, businesses, and communities, no matter how difficult the challenge. Intelsat is building the future of global communications with the world’s first hybrid, multi-orbit, software-defined 5G network designed for simple, seamless, and secure coverage precisely when and where our customers most need it.

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Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL)

Kerala Spacepark (KSPACE) is one of the strategic initiatives of Government of Kerala to promote industries in the most strategic domains of Space and related areas in Aviation and Defence. Vision of KSPACE envisages developing Kerala as a major hub for the strategic domains of space and related areas in aviation and defence related product and services. The main objective of KSPACE is to generate good employment opportunities for the highly skilled youth of the state as well as make significant contribution to economy. KSPACE is registered as Society under the Travancore-Cochin Literary Scientific and Charitable Society act 1952 with registration no: TVM/TC/206/2023  on 29-03-2023 under the Electronics & IT Department of Kerala.

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Lamhas has been one of the leading service provider in the Media and Broadcast Industry for almost two decades. Lamhas has been a pioneer player in providing innovative solutions in the media, Satellite, Broadcast, Video over IP Distribution segments. Lamhas offer services across India and is trusted by more than 250+ National & International broadcasters and corporations.

Few of the services offered by Lamhas are, TV Channel Uplink, DSNG, Broadcast System Integration, Backpack Solutions- LiveU, Live Streaming Solutions, Video Distribution, Satellite IoT, Satellite Imaginary and other associated services.

Lamhas have Teleport facility & offices in Mumbai & Hyderabad and Sales office in New Delhi.

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Leo Labs

Through LeoLabs Vertex™, our vertically integrated space operations stack, we’re transforming the way satellite operators, commercial enterprises, and federal agencies launch and track missions in low Earth orbit. With unmatched coverage, real-time tracking, and powerful insights, companies and governments around the world rely on us to safely execute operations in space.

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Logic Fruit

Logic Fruit specializes in complex, real-time, high throughput FPGA based heterogeneous systems and proof-of-concept designs that require FPGA/SOC based design, real-time data acquisition, analysis and digital signal processing.

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Manastu Space

Manastu Space is a space safety and logistics company that believes that space has the potential to solve some part of all the problems on Earth and is on a mission to bring ‘Space for all Mankind’.  

The increasing number of satellites in space is increasing the chances of collision in space leading to Debris pollution and making space a dangerous place.  

To Prevent this, Manastu Space is developing an agile, safe, efficient and affordable green propulsion system which includes three major innovations- a high performance fuel; reliable and efficient engine to burn the fuel and ultra-high temperature catalyst.  

Manastu Space also plans to provide refueling services of its proprietary MS289 propellant to its customers. Today, the life of satellites is determined by the limited amount of fuel that it carries. Once the fuel is over, no matter if it’s still in a working condition, its life ends. Manastu Space wants to change this with their refueling service which will not only help the customers save a lot of money, but will also reduce the number of satellites in orbit.  

For this service, they will set up a fuel station in space and later use the same tank to also provide De-orbiting services to the customer’s satellite at the end of its life. 

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Founded by veteran telecommunications and satellite industry executives, Omnispace is a pioneering global communications provider headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area.

Delivering a unique, 5G-based ‘one global network’ specifically designed to meet the communications needs of 21st century users, Omnispace is reinventing connectivity around the world.

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OrbitAID Aerospace Private Limited

OrbitAID Aerospace Private Limited seeks to establish “On-orbit servicing” (OOS) for space applications. On-orbit satellite servicing entails servicing, refueling, repairing, and even upgrading satellites that are in orbit. With the growing need for on-orbit servicing the world over and the Indian government’s push to support private enterprises in space, we feel the time is ripe for establishing an indigenous-built, home-grown space enterprise that seeks to challenge the paradigm of satellite launches and the cost associated with it. Currently, OrbitAID mainly focuses on "On-Orbit Refueling" for the satellite life extension and building "Orbital Fuel Station in Space".

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Planet Aerospace

Planet Aerospace, Bengaluru, is an association (( Registered : DRB/SOR/43116-17)) of experts in the field of Space Science and Technology, who are on a mission to prepare next generation of Space Scientists and Engineers to take up the challenge of developing new and innovative technologies in the Aerospace arena.The experts are former Space Scientists/ Engineers/ Administrators with vast experience of working in various areas of Space Technology and had played a key role in ISRO reaching the pinnacle of success.Planet Aerospace is associating with many academic institutions and business entities interms of conducting seminars/workshops on satellite technologies and providing expert consultancy supports in different technical projects related to space technology.

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Qbit Labs is an upcoming and innovative R&D company, building products and solutions to convoluted problems. Built by the brightest minds of IIT-IIT alumni, our aim is to bring the world closer to the emerging technologies in the areas of Quantum tech, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other imminent protocols. We work apace our motto, “Makes something possible through emerging technologies that simply isn’t possible with a classical way” and with the robust scientific research alongside, our organisation holds a strong product portfolio in each of the domains of our operations which are - Quantum Technologies, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Industrial IOT, Government Projects and other Protocols & Connectivity.

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Saankhya Labs

Saankhya Labs is a premier wireless communication and semiconductor solutions company. We have designed and developed a full spectrum of next-gen communication solutions for the present and the future.

These include products and solutions for broadband, satellite and broadcast applications including 5G NR, 5G broadcast, rural broadband connectivity, satellite communication modems for IoT applications and multi-standard DTV modulators and demodulators.

Established in 2006, we are India’s first fabless semiconductor solutions company. We developed the world’s first production Software Defined Radios (SDR) chipsets. Our products and solutions are powered by our award-winning, patented, ultra-low power consumption, fully programable SDR chipsets.

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Saptang Labs Private Limited

We are a cybersecurity company based in Chennai working on developing innovative machine-learning based cyber security solutions for next generation communication infrastructures such as Satellite-based networks etc.  Our work has been recognized by the National Center for Excellence in Technology for Internal Security (NCETIS) at IITB and MEITY, Govt of India as the winner of the "Cybersecurity Innovation Challenge 2021". We are also proud to be incubated at the National Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity Startups in Noida. We are based out of IITMadras Research Park in Chennai.

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SatSure is a deep tech, decision intelligence company.

    We leverage advances in satellite remote sensing, machine learning, big data analytics and cloud computing to create products and solutions which help enterprises and their people make smart decisions.

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    With over 70 satellites in two different orbits, our reach is unlike any other. We combine a vast, intelligent network of satellite and ground infrastructure with industry-leading expertise to manage and deliver high-performance video and data solutions virtually everywhere on the planet.

    For more than 30 years, our success has been built on sustainable innovation as we reliably connect more businesses, communities and government institutions in more places and deliver linear and on-demand video content seamlessly around the clock.

    We have much to offer, but our story is simple. We help broadcasters touch more viewers on screen; mobile network operators expand into uncharted markets; peacekeepers receive real-time intelligence; passengers work and play online; and communities thrive in a digital world—in some of the most remote places on the planet.

    All of us have a story. At SES, we believe you should have the freedom to take your story wherever you want it to go.

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    Sky Serve

    We are an Insights-as-a-Service platform enabling satellite-based edge computed insights for core industries and solution providers to scale faster and affordably. We feed multispectral imagery to your models deployed on the edge and facilitate timely predictions. SkyServe is expanding its offerings across satellite constellations and sensing systems to get global coverage and richer, real time insights for your business.

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    Space Machines Company (SMC)

    Space Machines Company (SMC) is an Australian startup with a research and development centre in India, developing space transportation capabilities to cost-effectively insert small satellites into desired LEO, GEO and cis-lunar orbits - contributing essential sovereign capabilities for Australia’s future space requirements in addition to developing products to power the space economy.

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    Steer Advisors

    STEER is founded on the belief that clients appreciate innovative and targeted ideas that work. We value the trust of our clients and reciprocate through commitment, integrity and discipline in achieving stated requirements. STEER founders bring extensive experience in the corporate sector, entrepreneurship, domestic and international financial markets and the financial services industry.

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    Backed by a legacy of engineering excellence, reliability and industry-leading customer service, Telesat (NASDAQ and TSX: TSAT) is one of the largest and most successful global satellite operators. Telesat has been providing reliable and secure communications solutions to hundreds of broadcast, telecom, corporate and government customers for more than fifty years. Telesat also provides industry leading technical consulting and support services to other satellite operators, insurers and industry stakeholders around the globe. Telesat works collaboratively with its customers to deliver critical connectivity solutions that tackle the world’s most complex communications challenges, providing powerful advantages that improve their operations and drive profitable growth.

    Continuously innovating to meet the connectivity demands of the future, Telesat Lightspeed, the company’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite network, will be the first enterprise-grade LEO network to meet the rigorous requirements of telecom, government, maritime and aeronautical customers. Telesat Lightspeed will redefine global satellite connectivity with ubiquitous, affordable, high-capacity links with fibre-like speeds.

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    Transcend Satellite Technologies

    Transcend Satellite Technology LLP is a Space Tech Start-up Company, founded in 2019.
    Transcend provides End-to-End satellite design solutions for cubesats and small satellites,
    including Payload design for communication, earth observation, remote sensing and IoT
    ‘Mission Design’ to ‘Launch’ satellite solutions involves Concept design, defining mission
    requirements, Mission design with Orbit simulations, System design and development,
    manufacturing and fabrication assistance, Assembly Integration and Testing(AIT) assistance,
    through to Launch, using Modular approach.
    Transcend believes in making Space achievable for everyone by providing cost effective space
    solutions for commercial customers and Universities. Transcend is working with several Space
    Education companies with the aim of outreach of space technologies to students.
    Transcend is working on in-house product development projects including:

    ● Communication payload based on SDR and IOT technologies.
    ● Development of ADCS solutions for 6U, 12U and 27U class of satellites.
    ● Patentable ground station software for UHF/VHF spectral band.

    Transcend provides Technical Consultancy and Project Management services for other Space
    Start-ups for Payload development and Satellite development.

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    Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything in the world can be connected. Founded in 1986 and based in Carlsbad, California; with 5800+ employees globally, that includes our engineering solutions team based in Chennai, India. Viasat currently powers hundreds of millions of internet connections annually on land, in the air, and at sea, with reliable networking and advanced cybersecurity. Viasat is recognized for quality satellite broadband solutions, for example,  by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top internet service providers (ISPs) in the United States, by Fortune for advancing a commercial connectivity solution that has a measurable social impact, by CNET as the best satellite provider for rural connectivity in the United States, and by Fast Company’s  World Changing Ideas list for using satellite-connected Wi-Fi hot spots to provide broadband service where wireless infrastructure is too costly to install. 

    Viasat will start launching our next generation satellite broadband network, known as the ViaSat-3 constellation, next year followed by the ViaSat-4 network.  These satellite networks are designed and built to operate across the entire 27.5-31 GHz band, including the critical 27.5-29.5 GHz (28 GHz) band (Earth-to-space) and the 17.7-21.2 GHz band (space-to-Earth). Today, these are the most effective spectrum bands for advanced, cost-effective satellite broadband services.  Each of three ViaSat-3 global satellites will provide over one Terabit per second of throughput. ViaSat-4 will materially increase this throughput to 5-7 Terabits per second.  Through technical advancements, Viasat has been able to reduce satellite broadband capacity costs by a factor of 400 and increase capacity by a factor of 500, when compared with legacy satellite networks. These advances result in much higher speeds, and more bandwidth, at affordable costs for consumers and government uses in India, on land, in the air, and at sea.  

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    Started in 2022, fueled by ambition and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the space technology industry. With humble beginning and an audacious dream, we embarked on a mission to redefine space mission.

    Today, XDLINX has an enthusiastic team with brilliant minds, each contributing their unique expertise to our mission. Together, we have evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the space industry.

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