Transcend Satellite Technology LLP is a Space Tech Start-up Company, founded in 2019.
Transcend provides End-to-End satellite design solutions for cubesats and small satellites,
including Payload design for communication, earth observation, remote sensing and IoT
‘Mission Design’ to ‘Launch’ satellite solutions involves Concept design, defining mission
requirements, Mission design with Orbit simulations, System design and development,
manufacturing and fabrication assistance, Assembly Integration and Testing(AIT) assistance,
through to Launch, using Modular approach.
Transcend believes in making Space achievable for everyone by providing cost effective space
solutions for commercial customers and Universities. Transcend is working with several Space
Education companies with the aim of outreach of space technologies to students.
Transcend is working on in-house product development projects including:

● Communication payload based on SDR and IOT technologies.
● Development of ADCS solutions for 6U, 12U and 27U class of satellites.
● Patentable ground station software for UHF/VHF spectral band.

Transcend provides Technical Consultancy and Project Management services for other Space
Start-ups for Payload development and Satellite development.

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