TARAMANDAL, is a young start-up established in the year 2023, endeavors to pioneer orbital vehicles (satellites) that prevent debris formation, fostering a clean and sustainable outer space. We are currently building India's and APAC's first, Reusable Orbital Vehicle Co-RTV feature integrated facilities for orbital operations, synthesis and In-space manufacturing, all delivered in a cost-effective manner, aligning with our commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.

Our vision at TARAMANDAL is to have a clear orbit with sustainable environment for satellites where all space assets are either reused or deorbited. TARAMANDAL has garnered recognition from esteemed organizations including ISRO, IN-SPACE, Australian Space Agency (ASA), SIA-INDIA, IIT-H, the Atal Innovation Mission, T-Hub, and others, for its pioneering advancements in space technology. Despite being a nascent startup, Taramandal recently received the prestigious Best Emerging Start-up of the Year 2023 award in the space sector from Headstart, India’s largest and oldest start-up network. Additionally, Taramandal has been honoured with the Global Student Entrepreneur Award for the state of Andhra Pradesh from Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO).

Recently, Taramandal has received a remarkable opportunity to collaborate with Starburst Aerospace (USA) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). IAI will support Taramandal on both the technological and business fronts, while Starburst Aerospace will promote Taramandal on a global scale enhancing our international presence and capabilities.

Expertise, Taramandal possess the domain expertise of Critical Systems Design, Space Technologies, Simulation & Integration, and Design & Development of Electro Mechanical launching systems.

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