Manastu Space is a space safety and logistics company that believes that space has the potential to solve some part of all the problems on Earth and is on a mission to bring ‘Space for all Mankind’.  

The increasing number of satellites in space is increasing the chances of collision in space leading to Debris pollution and making space a dangerous place.  

To Prevent this, Manastu Space is developing an agile, safe, efficient and affordable green propulsion system which includes three major innovations- a high performance fuel; reliable and efficient engine to burn the fuel and ultra-high temperature catalyst.  

Manastu Space also plans to provide refueling services of its proprietary MS289 propellant to its customers. Today, the life of satellites is determined by the limited amount of fuel that it carries. Once the fuel is over, no matter if it’s still in a working condition, its life ends. Manastu Space wants to change this with their refueling service which will not only help the customers save a lot of money, but will also reduce the number of satellites in orbit.  

For this service, they will set up a fuel station in space and later use the same tank to also provide De-orbiting services to the customer’s satellite at the end of its life. 

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