Inmarsat is closely associated with India since its inception forty years ago. Inmarsat originated from an inter-governmental organization under the UN for providing satellite-based maritime communications, focused on the safety of crew and ships. India was a member of that organization and part of its transition into a corporate entity. There were a lot of exchange programs between Inmarsat and the Department of Space, and both the organizations share a common heritage. Inmarsat was the first international satellite organization that was privatized in 1999.

Inmarsat is having the world’s most advanced and resilient mobile connectivity infrastructure to ensure that satellite services are not only saving lives but also providing a connectivity lifeline in the most remote and challenging locations.

Inmarsat serves aviation, maritime, government, and enterprise markets with an unparalleled portfolio of services and solutions. Our customers range from airlines and shipping fleet operators to the military and aid agencies, and a host of commercial enterprises, from mining and logistics to agritech. They all share the need for highly reliable connectivity, no matter where they are.

Inmarsat, in collaboration with its national partner BSNL, has established a domestic L - Band Gatewayto providereliable Global Satellite Phone Services, set up of GMDSS (SATC) services and Ka-band Gateway infrastructure at BSNL premises (Ghaziabad) to provide high-speed broadband services using GX satellite constellations.

This collaboration enables BSNL to provide GSPS, FBB, SBB, GMDSS, and IFMC (GX)services to keyIndian government agencies including the Indian Coast Guard, Indian Navy, Indian Army, the Central Reserve Police Force, the Border Security Force, and numerous disaster relief agenciesand citizens of India.

The provision of Inmarsat’s next-generation GX Aviation service and Fleet Xpress will be a game-changer for both Indian and foreign airlines operating in the region and for shipping companies operating in Indian waters.

In the largest ever transformation of Inmarsat’s market-leading services, ORCHESTRA will be a seamless configuration of our ELERA (L-band) and Global Xpress (Ka-band) networks with terrestrial 5G, targeted low earth orbit (LEO) capacity, and dynamic mesh technologies, to create a single advanced solution for global mobility.

This revolutionary layered approach is designed to meet the accelerating bandwidth requirements of more diverse, demanding, and ever more widely adopted applications in the commercial and government mobility markets. By drawing on the unique capabilities of each component, it will deliver high-performance connectivity everywhere, while eliminating the longstanding industry-wide challenge of congestion at high-demand hot spots, like busy ports, airports, sea canals, and flight corridors, for good.

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