EtherealX is a startup founded in 2022 to significantly reduce the cost of space transportation, enable quick scientific growth, and foster a spacefaring civilization. Headquartered in Bangalore, we design, develop, and build next-generation launch vehicles and spacecraft.

We are currently building India's and APAC's first, and the world’s most powerful and frugal medium-lift reusable launch vehicle/rocket yet - the Razor Crest Mk-1. With this launch vehicle, we will be capable of sending 24.8 tonnes and 22.8 tonnes to LEO in expendable and reusable configurations respectively.
At a $2000/kilo launch cost, we are positioned at 77.4% lower launch cost than the global competitors, 72% lower than other Indian launch service providers, and 32% lower than the current world's most economical option in this category/class of rockets. By doing so, we are driving the commercial launch cost per kilo down by six times, bringing access to space to emerging space nations, and challenging and changing the heavily skewed launch demographics/market.

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