Fostering Space Collaboration: SIA-India and ABRASAT Partnership

Posted on April 1, 2024

SIA-India, India’s leading space association, and ABRASAT, Brazil’s prominent Satellite Communications Association, have today forged a partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration aims to enhance cooperation and progress in the space sector of both countries.

The MoU signifies the mutual commitment of both associations to strengthen their strategic collaboration in space. It lays the groundwork for innovative projects and technological collaboration. This partnership is anticipated to facilitate business expansion and mutual cooperation between India and Brazil across various domains such as satellite communication, rocket launches, payload development, and ground instrumentation.

Dr Subba Rao Pavuluri, President of SIA-India, highlighted the longstanding alliance between India and Brazil. And stated the potential for deeper cooperation in satellite communication, encompassing a wide range of technologies and services, from broadband connectivity to emergency response systems.

Mauro Wajnberg, President of ABRASAT, acknowledged the successful history of space collaboration between Brazil and India, exemplified by the launch of the Amazonia 1 satellite. He views the MoU as a significant step forward in strengthening ties and unlocking new opportunities for collaboration.

Anil Prakash, DG of SIA-India, commended India’s progressive FDI policy in the space sector, which allows 100 percent FDI. He sees it as a catalyst for job creation, technological advancement, and self-reliance, aligning with India’s initiatives for innovation and economic empowerment.

Fábio Alencar, head of international business development at ABRASAT, highlighted the successful policies of the Brazilian government in digital inclusion and satellite technology promotion. He perceives a positive environment for the development of satellite services, including the exploration of Brazilian orbital slots.

The growing space sectors of India and Brazil offer vast commercial opportunities, with private-driven activities and satellite deployments witnessing a surge. The MoU between SIA-India and ABRASAT aims to explore new market dynamics, infrastructure development, and private investments, providing a platform for industry players to capitalize on emerging prospects.

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