Dr Ranjana Kaul

Dr. Ranjana Kaul is a Partner at Dua Associates, Law Offices, New Delhi, India. She specializes in the international air law and space law regimes, and advises on its intersection with India’s policy and regulatory framework, in the context of commercial space activities and the military use of outer space. ‍ Dr. Kaul is a Member of the Board, International Institute of Space Law, Paris. She is the Secretary General of Spaceport SARABHAI, India’s first dedicated space think tank. Dr Kaul holds an LLM from the Institute of Air & Space Law, McGill University, Canada, an LLB from the Delhi University and a PhD in constitutional studies from Pune University, India. ‍ Dr. Kaul provides S2 the required underpinning by way of guidance on aspects of international space law treaties in relation to development of commercial space sector in India and in context to general international developments related to activities in outer space. She also provides advice to help sharpen and enhance the S2 mandate.

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