Sharad Sadhu

Former, Director Technology, Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

Sharad Sadhu’s industry career spans more than 50 years, covering the areas of Radio and TV broadcasting, satellite TV, spectrum regulation and standards at the ITU and APT, technology leadership and international conferences in the Asia-Pacific, catalyzing digital radio and digital TV in countries around this region, in mobile services and in allied fields.

Sharad was Director Technology of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union till 2013. He previously worked as Director Engineering in Doordarshan-India, General Manager in TCIL, Professor in the Film and TV Institute of India and as Advisor Technology and International Relations to the CEO of Prasar Bharati. Currently he is a Technology Consultant helping out in projects on digital radio, OTT and radio streaming, automotive entertainment, SatCom and advocating use of efficient technologies in 4G, 5G mobile industry.

For 24 years, Sharad participated in and served at the ITU in 8 world conferences (spectrum and regulation) and in Study Groups (WARC-1988 to WRC-2012). He contributed as a Senior Expert to many ITU projects, including for the ITU Akademie.

Sharad spearheaded the expansion of Doordarshan India’s satellite services and contingency plans. He was involved with ISRO reviews of INSAT 2 satellites from pre-design to on-orbit loading. He mooted making available domestic satellite capacity to would-be Indian DTH operators in early 1990s.

Internationally, Sharad (and the ABU) provided leadership solutions to ITU’s development of the 12 GHz and 22 GHz BSS Plans, the HFBC Regional Coordination Process and diverse frequency allocations to the satellite and broadcasting services.

Sharad’s international career gave him opportunities to develop and maintain close contacts with a large number of industry professionals in many countries (including with three of the Honorary Advisors of SIA).

He has authored a large number of papers on industry, spectrum and new technologies and has made presentations at numerous eminent international and regional conferences spanning four continents. Sharad has been bestowed with Chair and Vice Chair-ships in several top industry bodies.

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