InterCosmos is building last mile transportation systems for Earth orbits and beyond using
our proprietary non-toxic, human friendly propulsion systems which is a rapidly growing
$30 billion dollar market.
We are building hazard free, human friendly chemical space propulsion (engine) systems,
called HyperX, to replace toxic and highly hazardous Hydrazine based ones that currently
prevail in the satellite and spacecraft propulsion industry causing not just health and
safety issues but also increases the overhead cost of the satellite manufacturing
HyperX is the core technology of InterCosmos.
Once this core technology is realised, we would extend this technology towards building a
larger space hardware called Kalan, an Orbital Transfer Vehicle(OTV) capable of deploying
and transferring satellites weighing up to 500 Kg from one orbit to another with much
needed rapidity and flexibility at a fraction of the cost. Also, it literally enables our
customers to deploy their satellites to any orbit. (This is one of the important pain point
our satellite customers face today).

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